Answers to Frequently Asked Intervention Questions

What Is a Drug Intervention?

Answers to Frequently Asked Intervention QuestionsAddiction intervention is a process through which an addicted person is directly made aware of the seriousness of his or her addiction problem before being offered treatment. It is a form of addiction help that involves friends and family approaching an addicted individual and talking to him or her about self-destructive behavior. The objective of this process is to make addicted individuals realize the effect of their self-destructive behavior on themselves and others so that they can seek treatment. In many cases, if the addicted person denies treatment, the family or friends will explain personal boundaries and consequences related to denying treatment.

What Addictions are Appropriate for an Addiction Intervention?

Any type of self-destructive habit is appropriate for an intervention. Alcohol addiction, oxycodone addiction, gambling, Percodan addiction, and eating disorders are all self-destructive and can be addressed through a formal intervention. When hiring an interventionist for a Percodan intervention, for example, it is essential to discuss the nature of addiction, the substance the individual is addicted to, and other related factors that may make a difference in how the drug intervention is staged.

What Will a Drug Intervention Involve?

Drug intervention will usually involve friends and family members organizing a meeting with the addicted individual with the help of an interventionist to persuade him or her to accept professional help and treatment. Hiring an interventionist is the best thing to do since the process involves a lot of planning and preparation. Consequences to addiction and responses to the objections that might be raised during the meeting are discussed. The meeting will then be rehearsed, and the outcomes are normally discussed.

After the preparation stage, the actual addiction intervention is organized. All loved ones gather at a determined location. They express their concern and care for the addicted individual. The individual will then be encouraged to accept professional help.

Is Hiring an Interventionist Necessary?

While hiring an interventionist is not necessary, it is highly recommended since it is a very delicate, complicated matter that needs to be handled carefully. A professional can counsel and provide valuable advice. In many cases, families spend a lot of time and effort to stage a drug intervention, only to find it ineffective. Talk to a professional to discuss how he or she can help. For an addiction intervention to be successful, a lot of specialized training and knowledge is required. Usually professionals have advanced degrees, training, and certifications dealing with counseling, compulsive behavior, and substance abuse so they can improve the chances of success.

At What Stage of Addiction Should an Individual Be Offered Addiction Help?

An unfortunate misconception is that an addict has to hit rock bottom before he or she will be willing to accept professional addiction help. Drug intervention can help an individual at any stage of addiction. Addiction can destroy a family when it isn’t dealt with.

Need Professional Addiction Help?

Please call our toll-free number today for professional Percodan intervention and addiction help. We’re available 24 hours a day to provide you all the help you need to stage an addiction intervention for your loved one.