Attempting Percodan Recovery Alone

Attempting Percodan Recovery AloneWhen most people think of addiction, they imagine illicit drugs and powerful narcotics being used in dirty back alleyways. Sadly this is more a projection of the media than an image of reality. Movies, television shows and the news regularly paint this dirty picture of the American addict, when most drug abuse occurs in secret and by men and women living in the suburbs and holding professional jobs. This is due to an increase in prescription drug addiction and abuse, and Percodan is one of many prescription painkillers abused regularly.

What Makes Percodan Addiction Difficult to Recover from?

Percodan is one of the most popular drugs prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. It is usually given to patients after intensive surgeries or as a treatment for chronic pain. The following are habit-forming factors that can transform Percodan from a helpful analgesic into a destructive substance:

  • Length of use: Percodan is meant to be used as a short-term aid and not a long-term crutch
  • Amount of use: Percodan should only be taken in doses and frequencies recommended by a doctor
  • Misuse: Percodan should be swallowed whole, not injected, snorted, crushed or smoked
  • Dependency: Percodan abuse leads to a physical, psychological and behavioral need for the drug

When people try to recover from Percodan abuse on their own, the odds are against them. If an individual completes withdrawal without medical help, he or she will face an almost overwhelming temptation to “reward” the accomplishment by using Percodan just “one last time.” This relapse inevitably leads to a return to addiction.

How to Stay Clean from Percodan

For a person trying to get clean on his or her own, recovery attempts often become part of a cycle of getting clean, relapsing into addiction and repeating. Rehab centers work to make Percodan addiction recovery an ultimate solution. Rehab centers are effective ways to cure addiction, because they offer the patient supportive strategies that he or she simply cannot find alone. These recovery resources include the following:

  • Support groups of peers who care about you and your recovery
  • Reconnection with friends and family
  • Group and one-on-one counseling with trained recovery specialists
  • Personalized psychological recovery programs
  • Aftercare support to prevent relapse

Find Help to Recovery from Percodan Addiction

If you are interested in regaining control of your life, give our recovery helpline a call. It is easy, confidential and free, and we are available 24 hours a day. We can offer you treatment options that will meet your Percodan recovery goals, or we can simply talk to you about addiction and your concerns. Your health and recovery is our priority. Please don’t struggle alone; call today.