Breaking the Cycle of Percodan Addiction

breaking-the-cycle-of-percodan-addictionPercodan is one of the most commonly prescribed painkillers. It is also one of the most addictive. Like other prescription narcotics it works well on moderate to severe pain, and if taken only as directed it is unlikely to be a problem. However, even cautious use can lead to addiction. Percodan has caught many in a deadly cycle of addiction that cannot be escaped without significant help.

How Percodan Addiction Happens

Percodan is an opiate that in the same family of drugs as morphine, hydrocodone and heroin. Users often experience a euphoric high the first time they take this drug. Percodan affects the pleasure center of the brain by binding to opiate receptors, blocking pain signals and relieving stress and anxiety. This effect creates a powerful psychological craving. This same pleasure center is the part of the brain responsible for impulse control, reinforcing behavior, memory and feelings of wellness. All of these signals get rewired when Percodan is used regularly. This all contributes to the cycle of addiction which may look like the following:

  • First use due to a legitimate prescription for pain or experimental or recreational use
  • Continued use due to pleasurable experience
  • Tolerance requires larger or more frequent doses
  • Dependency is established and the user doesn’t feel “right” without Percodan
  • Physical and psychological addiction occur
  • Possible escalation to “harder” opiates like heroin

Why Percodan Addiction Recovery Requires Help

Percodan replaces naturally occurring “feel good” chemicals in the brain, leaving the user completely dependent upon the drug to function. Without a supply of Percodan the user will feel severe anxiety, obsession, paranoia, pain in the joints and bones and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms of physical withdrawal are powerful enough to send most users back to the drug long before the cycle of addiction is broken. Even if users stay clean long enough for the brain’s supply of natural chemicals to return, the psychological addiction lasts much longer and is often more powerful. Most relapses occur due to the effects of psychological addiction rather than physical.

Breaking the Chains of Percodan Addiction

It will be difficult if not impossible for the Percodan user to get clean without serious help. The process of long-term Percodan recovery will include the following:

  • Admitting to yourself and others that you have a problem that you cannot control on your own
  • Finding the right treatment center or facility
  • Completing a medically supervised detoxification process
  • Receiving a diagnosis of and integrated treatment for any co-occurring issues that may be undermining your recovery or contributing to your Percodan addiction
  • Participating in a customized rehabilitation plan that includes counseling, education, group meetings, high-quality health care and healthy diversions
  • Joining support groups for continued accountability and active participation in and maintenance of recovery

Need Help Finding Percodan Rehabilitation?

If you or a loved one is stuck in the cycle of Percodan addiction, we can help. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, and our specially trained counselors can answer any questions you may have about addiction and recovery. Life is too short to waste on Percodan. We can help you break the cycle of addiction.