Can Weather Affect Percodan Addiction?

Can Weather Affect Percodan Addiction?Many people prefer to stay inside and relax on cold, rainy days. The weather can have a strong impact on a person’s mood, as well as their physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, the weather can affect a person’s choice to abuse drugs, such as the prescription painkiller, Percodan.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Percodan Abuse

Many people experience a change in mood with the seasons. This condition, called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), most frequently occurs during the winter months as a result of the reduced number of sunlight hours in the day. SAD is characterized by symptoms similar to those of depression, including hopelessness, decreased energy, loss of interests in previously enjoyed activities, social withdrawal, and altered sleep habits.

Unfortunately, the use of drugs and alcohol often increases as a result of SAD. Drugs like Percodan may be abused to cover up the uncomfortable and distressing feelings associated with SAD. Because Percodan creates feelings of euphoria when taken in excess, it is an appealing drug for those seeking to self-medicate their depression.

However, there are several healthy ways to overcome SAD that do not involve Percodan abuse. Those with SAD often find that their symptoms become more manageable if they spend more time in the sunlight, particularly in the morning. During the winter, however, the hours of sunlight grow shorter, and it can be difficult to find time outside. Some people use special lamps that mimic sunlight and find them to be useful in reducing their depression. It is also recommended that those with SAD get enough sleep, make healthy eating choices, and exercise regularly. Doing so can reduce the symptoms of SAD, possibly reducing a person’s drive to abuse Percodan for self-medication.

Weather-Related Joint Pain and Percodan Abuse

Some people abuse Percodan for other reasons than mood. Because of Percodan’s strong pain-relieving effects, it is a common choice for those seeking to self-medicate pain. Changes in the weather can influence a person’s level of pain. Cold weather, in particular, has been found to increase joint pain in those with conditions such as arthritis. Rain or storms may also trigger pain in these areas. This is largely due to a change in atmospheric pressure that occurs as a storm develops. This change in pressure causes certain body tissues to expand, placing added pressure on nerves. Such changes results in a persistent, aching pain that can be very distracting. Many people turn to painkillers such as Percodan to overcome these aching sensations.

There are a few ways to reduce the need to self-medicate for weather-related joint pain. Dressing warmly is perhaps the most effective way to reduce the pain associated with cold weather. Covering the head, hands, and feet is also important, as these areas lose heat rapidly. Exercise is another factor associated with reducing joint pain, particularly during weather changes. Many people benefit from walking indoors, taking a yoga class, or simply stretching while watching television.

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