Dangers of Combining Percodan and Tranquilizers

Dangers of Combining Percodan and TranquilizersAlso known as psychotherapeutic drugs, tranquilizers are prescription drugs that are provided to patients who are struggling with high levels of tension and anxiety or who are in need of surgery. The effects of tranquilizers often make them high on the list of drugs that are abused. The addition of prescription pain medications like Percodan can result in a boost of the effects that drug addicts are seeking out.

While it is never advisable to mix prescription drugs without the express direction from your treating physician, the combination of tranquilizers or benzodiazepines and Percodan can result in some especially dangerous situations that you should be aware of.

How Tranquilizers Work

Tranquilizers are prescribed as a means of assisting those suffering from severe anxiety. The tranquilizing drug will help the individual to relax, calm down from panic states and get just a bit of relief from anxiety or panic attacks. Some tranquilizers are so strong that they can induce surgical-level sleep or coma.

Tranquilizers literally slow down the electrical impulses in the brain. The physical feelings often associated with these types of drugs could include simply feeling tranquil and relaxed. This can be a desirable feeling for those who are looking for an escape or looking to self-medicate their symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Interaction Concerns with Percodan and Tranquilizers

All drugs carry the risk of potentially troublesome interactions. A combination of Percodan and tranquilizers could be potentially life-threatening for the drug user.

Percodan abuse can often result in respiratory distress, extreme sleepiness and the potential for slipping into a coma. The combination of tranquilizers and Percodan can accelerate the symptoms that each drug induces and can result in life-threatening situations that may lead to respiratory distress and periods of not being able to stay awake. This drug combination can be quickly lethal and may lead the drug user to die within hours.

Ultimately, it is never a good idea to combine prescription medications, even if they are prescribed for two completely different medical concerns. There is often no telling how the interactions between two drugs could impact your body.

Keep in mind that it is not just the immediate dangers to worry about, but also the worry about long-term health concerns like the potential for liver failure or permanent brain damage. Some people become so depressed that they consider this drug combination as a method of suicide. Please know that any drug combination or suicide method is never guaranteed to work and may leave you with severe illness or health problems that impact your life forever. If you are struggling with depression and drug use, please call us.

Recovery Options for Addiction to Benzodiazepines, Tranquilizers and Percodan

It is rarely a good idea to attempt to break free from the grip of addiction on your own. In a rehabilitation facility, you will be able to receive the benefit of an individualized treatment plan that effectively addresses all of your mental, physical and emotional health concerns.

Treating you as a whole person, rather than just as an addict, can help you find long-term sobriety.

Get Addiction Help Today

It is essential to receive addiction help for Percodan abuse as soon as is possible. The sooner that you receive help for an addiction to Percodan and tranquilizers, the sooner you’ll be able to restore your health and your overall emotional balance as you embark on a journey to sobriety.

Call our toll-free helpline to confidentially discuss addiction help options with our admissions coordinators. We are here to help.