Dangers of Getting Percodan from a Dealer

Dangers of Getting Percodan from a DealerPercodan, a mix of aspirin and oxycodone, is commonly prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain on a short-term basis. Like other opiates, Percodan has the potential to lead to abuse and addiction. Individuals using the drug often experience feelings of sedation and euphoria, making it popular as a recreationally abused drug, especially among teens. When used illegally without the supervision of a physician, the dangers of Percodan can increase significantly.

How Buying Percodan from a Dealer Can Threaten One’s Health

If your dependency on Percodan has led you to purchase unauthorized or illegal versions of Percodan, there are additional risk factors you may want to consider. The manufacturing of prescription drugs is highly regulated, but when drugs are purchased from a street dealer, there is no assurance of the drug’s safety or actual content. Although the packaging may look authentic, the actual ingredients may not be the same as genuine Percodan. In some cases, drugs are manufactured at home by individuals with no pharmaceutical expertise. These individuals often use over-the-counter medicines or household chemicals without precise measurements. It is also common for these individuals to substitute a less expensive or more readily available ingredient as filler without the buyer’s knowledge. These dangers can significantly increase the chance of an overdose that may result in brain damage, organ damage or even death.

The uncertainty about the actual ingredients in Percodan purchased illegally can make recovering from the addiction to the drug even more difficult. One might unknowingly become addicted to a more dangerous substance than what he believes he is taking. Another danger of Percodan that is purchased from a dealer is the manner in which the drugs have been handled and the substances they may have come in contact with during manufacturing. The drug maker could also be passing along diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS.

Other Threats of Taking Illicit Percodan

In addition to the fear of physical harm from the illicit purchase of Percodan, you may face legal consequences if you are caught. If convicted, you could face the potential of a large fine or jail time. The most effective way to avoid harm from a street version of Percodan is to seek help for your Percodan addiction as soon as you can. Your addiction may require professional rehab treatment in order for you to recover. However, with the right treatment plan and support, you can find lasting recovery from your Percodan addiction.

Finding Treatment for a Percodan Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with a Percodan addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you find the best treatment plan for your situation. Please call now.