Did I Ruin My Recovery from Percodan Addiction by Relapsing?

Did I Ruin My Recovery from Percodan Addiction by Relapsing?Percodan is a combination of aspirin and oxycodone. Together, these two drugs work to relieve moderate to severe pain. Percodan is habit forming, and those who use the drug to treat pain often become addicted. Through a combination of medically supervised detox and drug rehab, people addicted to Percodan can live a drug-free life.

During the Percodan addiction recovery process, relapse is a common danger. But, Percodan relapse doesn’t mean that rehab hasn’t worked. It simply means that during the process the person recovering from Percodan addiction may be tempted to use again. Sometimes it’s impossible to resist that temptation, and that usually means further treatment and better support are needed to stay clean from the drug.

Percodan Addiction Recovery

During recovery, addicts learn principles and strategies to help them stay clean from Percodan. After rehab, ongoing support groups help them apply these principles and receive support from others facing the same struggles. Even though you may have been through a process of detox, psychotherapy and counseling, your new, drug-free lifestyle is a journey. Because there is a danger of relapse with Percodan or any addictive drug, it’s important to continue with therapy. Continued therapy helps you to put into practice the things you’ve learned during rehab and gives you more tools to keep making the right choices. In the event of a relapse, your therapist will help you learn from what has happened to help you prevent a future relapse. Continued therapy and ongoing support are vital to the recovery process and will help you deal with relapse when it happens.

What Triggers Percodan Relapse?

As a person recovering from Percodan addiction, you know there are times when it’s hard to resist using the drug. Learning to recognize these times and what tempts you to use the drug again can help you plan a defense. Staying involved with friends in your support group is a good beginning. These friends can help you recognize when you are headed down the path to relapse and help by listening and offering strategies that work for them. Recognizing behavior patterns that lead to using the drug again is also important. Paying attention to things like changes in sleep patterns, withdrawing from friends and family and becoming overwhelmed by ordinary problems may all be triggers that can lead to relapse. Realizing these patterns in your behavior and letting friends and family know your triggers can help you in your fight against relapse.

How to Prevent Percodan Relapse

Once you recognize your relapse triggers, it’s important to plan ways to avoid them. Doing things for others, exercising, getting away from people who discourage you, praying and resting are all ways to redirect your mind away from the drug. These activities help change your focus from drugs and get you thinking about other people rather than obsessing about your addiction. It will help you through tough times to have a relapse trigger plan in place that includes calling your therapist or a trusted friend when you need someone to talk to.

Relapse doesn’t happen to everyone going through drug addiction recovery, but it is a reality for many who struggle with Percodan addiction. Having a plan in place and realizing it is a part of your journey is the best way to continue moving forward to a drug-free life even after relapse.

Percodan Relapse Help

If you or a loved one struggle with Percodan addiction or are in danger of relapse, we are here to help. Call our toll free, 24 hour helpline any time for immediate assistance. We want to help you stay clean.