How Can I Tell If My Child Is High on Percodan?

How Can I Tell If My Child Is High on Percodan?Kids of all ages are getting their hands on some incredibly intense drugs that parents could have never envisioned. The variety of drugs and substances that children and teens abuse are forcing parents to expand their knowledge of drug abuse on a daily basis as the list of experimental drugs gets longer each day. The list includes Percocet, a combination of both oxycodone and aspirin that children and teens across the country abuse for recreational purposes. To help prevent further abuse and to stop current abuse, it is important that parents become aware of the signs and symptoms associated with Percodan abuse.

Symptoms of Percodan abuse

If you suspect that your child abuses Percodan, there are ways to find out for sure. To determine if your child is abusing drugs, measure her behavior against the following symptoms of Percodan abuse:

  • Consistent illness. Experiencing symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and nausea on a consistent basis is a major sign of Percodan abuse. When taking too much Percodan the body urgently tries to reject it by creating problematic signs of dependency or withdrawal symptoms when it becomes addicted.
  • Poor cognition. It is important to keep up with your child’s normal cognition skills in the home and at school. Knowing how she normally thinks, solves problem and functions can allow for a red flag if her skills begin to take a nose dive. Percodan use deeply hinders brain functioning, making it difficult for users to process information at the same rate as they formerly could.
  • Extreme moods. Many teens are already a ball of emotions. Their moods can change at any moment as their hormones are racing, and their brains are still developing which means they lack the self control that many adults have. However, increased moodiness or extreme changes in mood can be a sign of Percodan abuse. Behavior that seems erratic (such as going from over-the-top euphoria to deep depression in a matter of minutes) can be a warning sign of drug abuse.

Parents can do a variety of things to determine if their children abuse Percodan. Parents who monitor their child’s behaviors and stay as involved as possible can make a world of difference, as these parents will be able to tell what is normal and abnormal for their child. Educating themselves on what kinds of drugs teens are using is also a step in the right direction, as it can raise the parent’s awareness of what may be in the house. Communicating with the child is also important, as making him feel safe while talking to you is crucial in building trust and working to prevent further drug use.

How to Help My Child Quit Abusing Percodan

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