How Do I Tell My Family That I Don’t Want to Use Percodan Anymore?

How Do I Tell My Family That I Don’t Want to Use Percodan Anymore?Percodan is a powerful pain reliever containing oxycodone, a narcotic element derived from the same opium poppy as heroin. Percodan addiction is a real possible, and whether the drug is taken for legitimate pain or for recreational fun a user needs to seek help when dependency develops. If you are worried about Percodan addiction or dependence, the first people you want to tell may be your family.

Talking to Family Members about Percodan Addiction

The following are some recommendations for speaking with family members about drug use:

  • Talk to your family right away
  • Show that you are committed to treating the problem
  • Tell them what steps you are taking to get help
  • Apologize to everyone you may have hurt
  • Ask your family to support you in your fight against addiction

Before holding a conversation with family members imagine what questions your family might ask. Do the following:

  • Be ready to explain why you started taking Percodan
  • Calmly refuse to allow family members to refute or deny the addiction
  • Have information about rehab and treatment
  • Show compassion and patience for questions and feelings expressed

If you already have a treatment center in mind, ask about family visits. Make sure your family knows that you want their support and want them to be a part of your recovery.

How Percodan Abuse Hurts Families

Fatal Percodan overdoses are a real possibility. The loss of a family member to overdose is devastating. Addiction can also cause organ damage or failure or harm your life when it does the following:

  • Hinders your ability to help loved ones in emergency situations
  • Strains financial security by spending money on drugs and risking arrest
  • Injects drug-related stress and anxiety into the home
  • Suppresses mood disorders that only grow worse when hidden

A Percodan high causes diminished decision-making and coordination, and this can lead to unwise risk-taking and accidents.

Percodan Abuse Treatment

Before talking with your family about addiction it is good to learn about professional rehab options. A treatment center will gladly provide specific information but in general the treatment process includes the following:

  • Detox services to manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Medical supervision and screenings to check for any drug-related health concerns
  • Mental health treatment for depression, anxiety, mania and other mood issues
  • Behavioral therapies to address bad habits and instill new life skills
  • Holistic alternatives to treat any pain for which the drug was originally prescribed
  • Family counseling at the treatment center

Professional treatment helps you through detox and prepares you for the road ahead, but the most successful recoveries happen when individuals also commit to aftercare counseling and establishing a solid support system that may involve family members.

Percodan Addiction Help

If you are ready to tell your family about Percodan abuse or addiction, we can help. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer questions about treatment options, family involvement and finding recovery. Call our toll-free number today, and get the support you need.