How Long Does It Take to Get Addicted to Percodan?

How long does it take to get addicted to percodan?Percodan is a prescription painkiller marketed by Endo Pharmaceuticals. It contains a mixture of aspirin, an anti-inflammatory drug, and oxycodone, a narcotic drug. These substances are combined, because aspirin increases the effects of oxycodone. Percodan holds abuse potential, because it induces a strong sense of relaxation and euphoria. Percodan is both physically and psychologically addictive.

How Does Percodan Addiction Develop, and How Is It Treated?

Many people who use Percodan with a prescription have no intention of abusing the drug much less becoming addicted. Regardless of intention Percodan is highly addictive, and use leads to tolerance, dependence and addiction. Tolerance means that users will need more of the drug to achieve the original effects, and this can begin to occur within a matter of days. Users may increase dosage to match tolerance, but without medical approval this is considered abuse. Abuse leads quickly to dependence as addiction as does long-term use.

Percodan addiction may cause users to feel a strong sense of isolation and hopelessness. However, though Percodan addiction is painful and traumatizing, help is readily available. And no matter how quickly a person developed addiction and no matter how or why he or she first began using the drug, anyone who is willing to accept treatment can achieve recovery. If you fear you or someone you love may be addicted to Percodan, seek help as soon as possible to avoid overdose and other potential health risks.

What Happens in Percodan Addiction Treatment?

Percodan addiction treatment is comprised of three fundamental elements which include detox, psychological rehab treatment and aftercare. Medically supervised detox is the first step of Percodan rehab. Detox removes toxins from a patient’s body and curbs physical addiction. Detox, though necessary, is not an all-encompassing solution to Percodan addiction. The counseling that follows as part of psychological rehab is equally if not more important. Patients attend counseling sessions to identify the root causes of addiction and to stop abuse at its source. After an inpatient rehab program has been completed, patients continue to participate in aftercare which may include outpatient counseling sessions and support group attendance. Aftercare is essential, because Percodan addiction recovery is a lifelong process that requires a consistent network of support.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Percodan Addiction?

If you or someone you love is addicted to Percodan, we can help. Just call our toll-free helpline for instant support from one of our trusted counselors. We can offer you more information about rehab and recovery, check your insurance policy to determine coverage for treatment and recommend the recovery options that are right for you or your loved one. Our helpline is available 24 hours a day, so please don’t hesitate to call now.