How Percodan Abuse Affects Families

How Percodan abuse affects familiesComprised of the narcotic opiate oxycodone and a small amount of aspirin, Percodan has been used for everything from post-surgical pain relief to chronic mild to severe pain from old injuries. Though it is also commonly abused recreationally for its narcotic properties, most people who develop an addiction to it were first exposed to it via a legitimate prescription. Millions of mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents who would never dream of experimenting with hard drugs like heroin have become ensnared by this similar drug.

How Does Percodan Addiction Work?

Percodan’s main active ingredient, oxycodone, blocks pain messages in the nervous system by binding to certain receptors in the brain. In this process, it creates a strong euphoric sense in the user. This “high” will likely be strongest upon first use and will fade quickly after subsequent doses. This part of the brain, however, creates a strong compulsion to experience this sensation again and again. Tolerance to the drug builds up quickly, requiring the user to take higher and higher amounts in order to feel that high or even to manage pain effectively.

The brain creates a certain amount of similar “feel good” chemicals of its own, but once Percodan is introduced to the brain it stops creating its own chemicals, leaving the user completely dependent on the drug in order to even feel “normal.” This physical dependency is complicated by a psychological or emotional dependency as the brain obsesses about getting more Percodan, rationalizing, manipulating or just lying to get it. If this dependency is allowed to continue it will become a full-blown addiction that will result in severe withdrawal upon cessation and other serious side effects.

Signs of Percodan addiction include the following symptoms:

  • Obsession with finding and taking Percodan
  • Anxiety about being without it
  • Dishonestly with doctors or pharmacists in order to obtain Percodan
  • Defensiveness or dishonesty with family or loved ones about use of the drug
  • Marked mood changes
  • Noticeable changes in activity levels
  • Continued use despite negative physical or relational side effects

Percodan Abuse Is a Problem for the Whole Family

Opiate addiction affects everyone in the user’s family as well as friends, neighbors and coworkers. Because doctors are well aware of its addictive potential, few will allow a patient to continue refilling a prescription beyond a short time. Therefore, in order to obtain more drugs, the user may resort to having multiple doctors (doctor shopping) or attempting to manipulate pharmacists. Some will find their supply through local street dealers or may resort to stealing pills from family members. But regardless of the specifics, Percodan addicts will have to lie or cheat, maybe even steal in order to feed their monster. This type of dishonesty challenges even the strongest marriages and seriously undermines a parent’s relationship with their child.

Eventually the disease takes over, literally changing the brain of the addict. Loved ones may not even recognize this new person as one of their own. In some cases opiate addicts have craved the drug more than sex, food or even water. Children who have parents who are addicts are at high risk of becoming addicts themselves as well. A parent may think she is managing her Percodan problem on her own, but the effects are spreading, compromising everything she holds dear.

Percodan Addiction Treatment

Fortunately no one need live in the continued grip of addiction to Percodan. Treatment centers have come a long way in recent years. Specialized treatment of addiction and any other co-occurring disorders greatly increases the likelihood of success. Medically-supervised detox helps the person by relieving some of the worst side effects of withdrawal. Intensive and holistic therapy will address the psychological addiction through group, family and individual counseling. Twelve-step programs, empowering education, healthy new activities and new relationships with fellow strugglers all help bring healing and peace to the opiate addict. Family counseling has also proven highly effective in healing the many wounds of addiction.

Percodan Abuse Help

If you or someone in your family struggles with a Percodan addiction, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Regain control of your life and re-earn the trust of your spouse or kids. We’re standing by. Make the call.