How Percodan Addiction Affects the Brain

How Percodan addiction affects the brainPercodan is a powerful but addictive pain reliever. It is effective for its intended purpose, but misuse or abuse will quickly lead to addiction. Percodan can cause permanent damage in two vital organs of the body. The first is the kidney which bears the burden of filtering out Percodan. It can be greatly damaged by the acetaminophen in Percodan. The second is the brain which is the most valuable organ in the body. Percodan users may know that they are damaging their brain with their addiction, but they may not know how great the damage is or that the damage may be permanent.

The Effects of a Percodan Addiction on the Brain

Percodan works by attaching itself to the opiate receptors in the brain and triggering the release of endorphins and enkephalins, molecules which produce pleasure and relieve pain. The brain is not designed to repeatedly be flooded with these molecules, and frequent doses of Percodan can permanently affect endorphin and enkephalin pathways and receptors. The brain begins to produce a lower amount of these molecules, and users will have to gradually increase their dosage to compensate for the lack of them. This process is known as tolerance, and it is closely related to dependence and addiction.

Percodan users often become depressed, when they stop taking the drug. Percodan use creates a chemical imbalance. The brain will rarely, if ever, release endorphins on its own during withdrawal, and the resulting depression has driven many users back to the drug despite intentions to get clean. Even after a person has successfully recovered from Percodan addiction, he or she must always use caution when taking any medications that have a potential for addiction. The brain will forever remember how to respond to drugs, and any recovering Percodan user needs to be aware of his or her heightened risk of addiction.

The Need for Percodan Addiction Treatment

The smallest problem within the brain affects our bodies and our lives to a great degree. A brain that has become severely unbalanced by a Percodan addiction needs professional treatment. Inpatient treatment offers the best treatment for addiction. Constant surveillance and care followed by extensive therapy has returned many lives and brains to normal. Recovery will not happen overnight, but with help it is possible.

Find Percodan Addiction Treatment

End the damage Percodan is causing your or a loved one’s brain. We are here to help you find the best treatment options that will match your individual needs, and all you need to do is call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day and can talk with you about recovery, addiction and any questions or concerns you have. Break free from Percodan today; call now.