How to Get Clean from Percodan

Percodan contains a potent mixture of aspirin and oxycodone. The drug is normally prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain and works by blocking pain receptors in the brain and decreasing the sensation of pain after surgery or traumatic injury. Percodan has been referred to as the most popular drug in America, both for its effective pain maintenance and the euphoric effects it produces when misused.

Percodan is designed for short-term use. The body quickly builds a tolerance to Percodan, which means the longer the drug is used, the more Percodan needs to be taken to produce the desired effect. Tolerance is closely linked with dependence because as the body builds a tolerance, the person will need higher and more frequent doses of the medication to maintain feelings of normalcy. As dependence typically begins with a legitimate prescription, Percodan abuse can be difficult to identify and even harder to overcome.

Rehabilitation for Percodan Addiction

Getting clean from Percodan begins with detox. Percodan detox may involve residential or outpatient care and use may be stopped abruptly or gradually tapered. Residential rehab provides support during detox, teaches patients about the nature of addiction and explores the reasons addiction began and continued. Outpatient rehab offers many of the same services with less supervision and support but on a more flexible schedule. Addiction specialists can determine the methods of detox and treatment that will be safest and most effective.

Long-Term Percodan Recovery Success

Successful Percodan addiction recovery is not easy. Withdrawal is uncomfortable, and the recovery process requires time, support and accountability. Residential rehab programs are especially helpful, as they focus on education and relapse prevention. If a person addicted to Percodan can understand some of the factors surrounding their addiction and receive meaningful accountability long after the detox process, their chances of relapse can be greatly reduced.

Need Help Getting Clean from Percodan?

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