Inner City Percodan Use

Inner City Percodan UseThe use of Percodan is commonly found within low income, inner city neighborhoods. Percodan is often distributed within inner cities illegally through street sales and theft. It is also typically stolen from medical centers or obtained through forged prescription documents. Percodan comes in pill form that is often crushed into powder to be snorted or diluted with water to be injected straight into the bloodstream. There are many contributing factors to inner city Percodan use, including the following:

  • Economic status –The stress that results from poverty can often cause people to turn to the misuse and abuse of Percodan in order to cope. Impoverished inner city neighborhoods often have many residents with criminal backgrounds and limited education, which can hinder the ability to obtain legitimate employment. This often forces people to be involved with the illegal distribution of Percodan and other substances.
  • Prevalence of addiction – Percodan abuse often leads to addiction and addicts who have destroyed their careers and families to pursue their addiction may be forced to relocate to inner city areas where it is cheaper to live. Addicts may also seek out inner city areas because of the available supply of drugs.
  • Family dysfunction – The youth within inner city neighborhoods may be enticed into drug use and distribution due to dysfunctional family life. Inner city youth may have parents who are addicted to drugs or fathers who are not present. The lack of parental guidance can lead the youth to join gangs and start using drugs. Gang activity within inner cities is often associated with dealing drugs such as Percodan.

There are many different types of people who use Percodan within inner cities that are at risk for developing an addiction. Percodan is prescribed for moderate to severe pain relief but is often not used as specifically prescribed. Some groups of people who misuse Percodan within inner cities include the following:

  • Construction workers – Percodan is often prescribed to construction workers for pain relief but is misused. Over a long period of time construction workers can develop an addiction to Percodan that requires professional treatment.
  • Professional or school athletes – Athletes are commonly prescribed Percodan for joint pain relief and often become addicted due to abuse habits.
  • Low-income women – Women in impoverished inner city neighborhoods commonly abuse drugs like Percodan in order to cope with the stressors that surround their life.

Inner city counseling services are often available to low-income people who need help with Percodan abuse or addiction. These counseling services can offer self-care lessons to low-income women and help them to avoid drug use. School programs that offer education to youth about the dangers of drug use are on the rise within inner cities. Professional treatment at a licensed rehab facility will provide the best recovery results for Percodan addiction.

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