Is Percodan Addiction a Disease?

Is Percodan Addiction a Disease?Percodan is an opiate-based narcotic that is commonly prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. Percodan consists of the opiate oxycodone and acetaminophen, which is added to enhance the effects of oxycodone. Due to the addictive qualities of all opiates, it is possible to develop a physical dependency and even addiction to Percodan, even when taken as directed. Choosing to intentionally abuse Percodan can greatly increase the risk of becoming addicted.

To abuse Percodan means to take it in larger and/or more frequent doses than directed, or to take it in combination with other substances, such as alcohol. Over time, the body builds up a tolerance to Percodan, requiring higher doses to feel the drug’s effects. After enough time, a person will become physically dependent on Percodan, requiring regular doses in order to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The disease of addiction is in full swing when a person can no longer function normally without taking Percodan.

Percodan Addiction and the Brain

Opiates such as Percodan directly affect the brain. When a person starts taking Percodan, the drug inhibits the production of endorphins, which is the body’s natural way of dealing with physical pain. When Percodan is taken for a prolonged period of time, the brain stops producing endorphins altogether. With the constant presence of Percodan in a person’s system, the brain recognizes no need to produce natural painkillers like endorphins. Instead, the brain is rewired to create a constant need for opiates. This effect on the brain is a medically recognized physical and psychological ailment. When a Percodan addict suddenly stops taking the drug, painful withdrawal symptoms are experienced because the body now has no means of dealing with physical pain.

Treating Percodan Addiction

The only way to overcome the disease of Percodan addiction is to treat it in an addiction rehab center. In rehab, a Percodan addict is under constant supervision while going through detox, the process of eliminating Percodan from the body. There are ways to treat the pain associated with Percodan withdrawal to make patients as comfortable as possible. After detox, Percodan addicts must learn new ways of dealing with pain, as using opiates again is not a rational option. There are rehab centers that offer treatment methods such as acupuncture, therapeutic massage, meditation and yoga as alternative ways to deal with pain. Over time, a person’s brain can return to normal endorphin production.

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