Percodan 12-Step Programs

Percodan is a pain reliever containing aspirin and oxycodone. Because oxycodone is a narcotic, or opioid, Percodan has the potential to cause drug dependence and addiction. Although people take Percodan to treat a painful medical condition, the general population struggles with opioid addiction just as much as those who take Percodan for chronic pain. Anyone can become addicted to a narcotic such as Percodan.

Percodan Dependence and Addiction

Addiction specialists note that pain patients may sometimes develop a physical dependence on medications such as Percodan, but that dependence in itself is not addiction. Dependence is a physiologic state of adaptation to a substance. If dependence is recognized and addressed within the first few months, the patient can undergo a supervised detoxification and slow drug withdrawal and not proceed to develop a true addiction.

Dependent patients are able, with help, to gradually decrease their medication dosage over time to a point where they are free of the drug and do not crave it  Someone who is opioid-addicted, however, experiences severe cravings and is unable to control his or her usage of a drug such as Percodan.

Other warning signs of Percodan addiction include the following:

  • Taking Percodan for its mood-altering, rather than pain-relief, properties
  • Taking more of the drug than is needed for pain control
  • Taking Percodan in a manner that differs from a physician’s directions
  • Seeking to acquire medication after pain management has been achieved
  • Manipulating or lying to a doctor to obtain a Percodan prescription
  • Obtaining medication originally prescribed for someone else
  • Being overly fearful of running out of Percodan
  • Lying to others about how much medication is used

12-Step Programs for Percodan Addiction

12-step programs are based on a set of principles which guide those seeking to overcome addictions. The first program was designed in 1935 for those recovering from alcoholism. In 1953, the program, Alcoholics Anonymous, gave permission for Narcotics Anonymous to use its 12 steps, so that those suffering from addiction to narcotics such as Percodan would have access to programs tailored more specifically to their needs.

The 12 steps include admitting one’s addiction, examining past behavior with the help of an experienced group member, or sponsor, and helping others that suffer from the same substance abuse issues.

Today there are more than 58,000 weekly meetings of 12-step programs for people addicted to narcotics such as Percodan. Their mission is to provide an environment in which people who have shared the same struggles can help each other overcome their addictions and find support. 12-step groups do not employ professional counselors or therapists or engage in medical interventions.  Many people who attend 12-step programs do so as part of an overall strategy which includes other services.

Find Rehab Programs for Percocet Abuse Today

If you suspect that you or a loved one are addicted to Percodan, we can help. Please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline and let us provide the information you need to find recovery. There is hope.