Percodan Addiction in the Workplace

Percodan addiction in the workplacePercodan combines aspirin and oxycodone. Oxycodone is an opioid drug and can create dependence and become addictive over time. Because the patient’s body will eventually become dependent on Percodan, they will need to continue taking steady doses in order to keep from feeling the harsh side effects from withdrawal. Often times they will have to take this drug even during regular work hours. This can lead to serious repercussions.

Percodan Withdrawal

Most users did not set out to become addicted. Pain killer addiction starts harmlessly. Someone is experiencing pain and the doctor will prescribe medicine like Percodan to help. The patient may continue to use the drug even after the doctor has advised them to stop. They are still legitimately taking the drug in order to reduce the pain but after a while, their body will begin to build a tolerance. This creates a bad domino effect because the body now requires higher doses in order to feel the effects. Now the patient becomes an addict and needs Percodan in order to function properly.

Can I Get Help for Percodan Addiction without Staying at a Rehabilitation Center?

The concern of losing your job because of drug abuse is just as real as the concern for losing your job because of time off of work. Although there are very effective programs that allow for addicts to stay while they are going through withdrawal, there are many effective programs that can help at night and on the weekends. Outpatient programs are designed to help addicts who still need to carry out their daily routine. Outpatient rehab for Percodan generally comes in three steps:

  • Detox. During this phase, addicts attend rehab centers so that the medical staff can help them rid their system of Percodan. This process will typically happen over the weekend when you have a little more time. Although this would normally be unpleasant and painful on your own, the rehab center will help ease the pain and make this time as comfortable as possible.
  • Psychological counseling. Often times those that are abusing painkillers have deeper issues than the pain itself. It may be an escape from an unfortunate situation at home or even an escape from work. Regardless of why you might be abusing Percodan, it is important to address those issues. Professional counselors and therapists are trained to help dig deep and confront any painful, emotional problems that you may have.
  • Accountability. You have cleansed your body of the drug and confronted the root issues to your drug abuse. You feel like you are ready to face reality again without drugs. Although this is a huge accomplishment, you may relapse without the help of others. Once a problem arises, it is only natural to want to take Percodan again in order to escape. This can be prevented through spiritual guidance, group therapy, and accountability.

Need Help with Finding Percodan Addiction Treatment for Yourself or a Co-Worker?

If you or someone you know has an addiction to Percodan, we are here to help. You can call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day. We are here to see you or your co-worker through a safe and quick recovery. Don’t do this alone. Call us today.