Percodan Detox

Percodan is a prescription strength narcotic pain reliever that is often prescribed to patients following surgery or injury. Percodan contains aspirin and oxycodone. Because of the oxycodone present in Percodan, it is a very addictive medication that is highly susceptible to abuse.

Percodan addiction occurs when an individual compulsively consumes Percodan improperly or in increasing amounts in order to achieve a “high” or desired effects. Percodan addiction is very common and can have devastating effects on individuals and families. Many people who suffer from Percodan addiction feel unable to stop using the drug. When a person is addicted to Percodan, he or she is abusing Percodan more than twice or on an ongoing basis.

One major side effect of Percodan is that it is highly addictive. The narcotic component in Percodan, oxycodone, can cause users to become addicted within a matter of weeks. It can be hard to admit to having a Percodan addiction, but it is surprisingly common. Because of social stigma, some people try to detox from Percodan without the help of a medical professional. Detoxing from Percodan on your own can be incredibly difficult and is often not effective.

Many people choose to have the help of a trusted medical professional or treatment center to overcome Percodan addiction. Research shows that proper treatment and medically supervised detox is both easier on the addicted person and more effective in the long run.

Percodan as an Opiate

Percodan is an opiate drug. Opiates have several defining characteristics:

  • Opiates cause both physical and mental addiction
  • It is very hard to detox from opiates because they stimulate the brain to feel strong feelings of reward and pleasure
  • Opiate addiction is extremely intense and cravings can feel almost unbearable
  • Opiates can slow breathing and even cause death

Percodan Rehab

Becoming clean and detoxing from Percodan can be a difficult journey, but the rewards are infinite. Many people who never imagined needing detox may be afraid of the detox process. Those who have experienced it will agree—Percodan detox is not easy, but it is possible, even for the most addicted person.

There are some ways to make Percodan detox easier. Many treatment centers offer assisted detox. Medicines like Suboxone (and other buprenorphine medications like Buprenex or Subutex) have been used in some treatment centers to ease opiate addicts off heavier narcotics. These medicines may alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate detox.

Percodan detox should be followed by comprehensive treatment, including counseling and recovery support. Since addiction can be physical and psychological, it is best not just to treat physical symptoms. The mental and emotional aspects of addiction should be addressed in a safe and supportive environment. Behavioral therapy should also be included to help users learn to respond to the world without drugs.

Percodan Addiction Help

You don’t have to face detox alone. Life is short and you deserve to enjoy each day. If you would like to know more about Percodan detox, please call our toll-free number to learn about treatment options that may be right for you. We are available 24 hours a day to speak with you, so call now.

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