Percodan Rehab 101

Percodan rehab 101Percodan is an oxycodone-based drug mixed with aspirin designed to treat acute pain. It has a fast onset of action, providing and maintaining relief quickly. However, due to the amount of oxycodone present, Percodan can also create a very strong addiction in some individuals in a very short amount of time. When a person becomes addicted, he or she may feel uncomfortable about checking into a rehab facility, but there is no reason to be afraid of rehab.

What Is Percodan Rehabilitation?

The first thing every person should know is that different types of rehab exist, including hospitalization, residential rehab, and outpatient rehab. Hospitalization, while helpful, only treats the physical onset of drug withdrawal and does not offer counseling for the psychological addiction that is generally present within addicts. Although hospitalization does not offer counseling, it will still provide help during the often dangerous detox period.

Outpatient rehab provides counseling and, to some extent, medical observation during withdrawals. However, this schedule is set up almost entirely for the addict’s convenience as addicts are not required to remain at the facility, staying only as long as their treatment goes on during a day. At a residential rehab facility, an addict checks in for a period of time – usually six months – and undergoes extensive treatment for both detox and psychological addiction.

What Percodan Rehabilitation Involves

Percodan rehab begins with a psychological evaluation followed by detox, therapy and different classes on addiction. The cost of rehab will depend on the type of rehab you select as well as the variety of treatments offered by the facility. Insurance companies will generally cover most or even all of the cost of rehab. If not, there are payment plans available so addicts will not find themselves penniless if they do indeed opt for a more expensive treatment plan. A person should always remember the ultimate cost of a drug addiction is generally death, and they are paying not only to get treatment but also get life back.

Need Help Finding Percodan Rehabilitation?

If you or a loved one may have a Percodan addiction, feel free to call our toll-free helpline, which is operated 24 hours a day, as you consider getting treatment for your drug addiction.