Percodan Support Groups

Percodan is a combination of the drug opiate drug oxycodone and aspirin that is prescribed as a pain killer. Because it is an opiate it can be extremely habit-forming, both physically and psychologically. Percodan taken in excess can be life-threatening, so it is important that addiction be treated and relapse prevented against. Support groups are a great tool to provide help a person remain free of Percodan use.

What is a Support Group?

A support group is a place for a person to both give and receive emotional, practical and informational support to and from others on the basis of a shared common issue, in this case drug abuse. A support group can focus on just Percodan addiction or encompass all prescription drugs or even all addictive substances. At a support group meeting one can gain insight into drug recovery and find understanding listeners. Support groups will also usually provide a place of accountability as well as celebrate a recovering addict’s victories. A strong support system is crucial to remaining drug-free.

What Sorts of Support Groups are Available for Someone Recovering from Percodan Addiction?

There are many different types of drug support groups, however the best-known is probably Narcotics Anonymous (NA), which is open to all addicts. It operates under the philosophy of the Twelve Steps which guide an addict to an understanding of the need to rely on a higher power in order to live a drug-free life. While it does require a belief in a higher power, it is not a religious program and does not teach a specific set of religious beliefs.

At NA a person will usually participate in individual sharing time, group sharing time and break-out sessions specific to his or her language, gender or age. That person will also be connected with a sponsor, someone who has had experience in applying the Twelve Steps and who can serve as a guide through the process. A sponsor can be very helpful in sharing his or her wealth of knowledge and experience and can be a source of hope in the recovery process.

Even though Narcotics Anonymous is probably the most popular group, there are a variety of other support groups available to the recovering Percodan addict. These groups can vary widely in their methods and philosophies. Some groups may choose to focus on the beliefs of an organized religion, while others might focus instead on methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy or holistic therapy or the power of positive thinking. Some of these other organizations include SMART Recovery, Moderation Recovery, and Secular Organizations for Sobriety.

Another option is the Internet support group, which provides 24 hour support in the form of message boards, chat rooms and online articles. This type of group might be helpful for someone who lives in a rural area or who for some reason cannot attend meetings in person. It also can act as a supplement to an in-person support group. Internet support groups have the advantage of being able to be very drug-specific because they are not limited to geographic location.

Do You Need Percodan Support Group Help?

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