Percodan Tolerance and Abuse

Percodan tolerance and abusePercodan is a drug comprised of oxycodone and aspirin that is typically prescribed to treat pain. Because it is derived from opium, it has the potential to cause not only physical addiction, but also to alter the chemicals in the brain creating a psychological dependence. Percodan abuse often begins with users developing a tolerance, which can happen quickly. Because of its chemical effects, the body will begin to grow accustomed to the drug, requiring increasingly greater doses to achieve the desired effect. This in turn causes people to take greater amounts of Percodan, which can lead to dangerous addiction.

What Is Percodan Tolerance?

Within just a few weeks of taking Percodan, the body will begin to grow accustomed to its chemical presence. The body will actually begin to change its functioning to incorporate the drug’s effects. In the brain there are many receptor sites that cause feelings, emotions, and thoughts when they’re activated. When large amounts of chemicals are present, such as when a drug is taken for a period of time, the brain will adjust by turning off some of the receptors. I.e., the body stops producing its own chemicals, and begins to rely solely on the drug. This results in tolerance: Percodan stops boosting the chemicals naturally created by the brain as the brain becomes reliant completely on the drug.

Despite using the same amount of the drug as was previously consumed, the brain has less receptors available in which to activate, causing the drug to be less effective. A person will often continue to use increasing amounts of the drug in order to feel its effects and this over-use of the drug is usually how a physical dependence, and also often psychological addiction, is born. Tolerance is typically a first stage in the addiction process.

What Help Is Available for Percodan Tolerance and Abuse?

Percodan abuse is a serious problem that can devastate a person’s life. When tolerance has developed, it is often accompanied by a physical dependence on the drug. This means that if a person desires to stop taking Percodan, she will experience painful withdrawal symptoms when the drug is stopped. A program of medical detox will need to be undergone in order to treat the withdrawal symptoms and make the process as safe and as comfortable as possible. If only a physical dependence is present, detox alone may be sufficient treatment. However, if a psychological addiction is present, further treatment will be needed. This entails an individualized, multi-faceted program of rehab that will treat the underlying issues contributing to the addiction. Rehab also focuses on teaching addicts the skills and strategies needed to make a full and lasting recovery.

Percodan Addiction Help

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