Recover from Percodan Abuse

Recover from Percodan abusePercodan is a prescription medication that contains a combination of aspirin and oxycodone. It is given to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain. Its high potency and addictive qualities rank Percodan as a Schedule II drug.

How Percodan Abuse and Addiction Begin

Whether taken as a prescription or for recreational purposes, Percodan can lead to an addiction that develops seemingly without warning. The subtle beginnings of addiction stem from tolerance. The body becomes accustomed to foreign chemicals and adjusts natural chemical production so that Percodan will no longer produce the original level of effects. At this point, many people decide to simply take more of the drug, a practice that leads to dependence. Dependence is evidenced when, after stopping use, users experience withdrawal symptoms. This is the real beginning of an addiction. Letting the tolerance and dependence stages of an addiction pass without treatment is dangerous. Serious addictions that consume the user’s life and could possibly lead to an overdose and even death start with the subtle signs of tolerance and dependence.

Percodan Recovery Tips

The following are ways to increase the effectiveness of Percodan abuse treatment and find solutions for long-term recovery:

  • Find support. Support for an addict can make a world of difference. Support can come from a loved one, a family member or a tight knit support group. Support keeps you motivated and accountable for your actions. Being in touch with fellow recovering addicts while undergoing Percodan treatment can provide valuable peer encouragement.
  • Take your time. Depending on your overall health and how heavy your drug use before treatment, recovering from Percodan addiction may take some time. Try gradual detox, which involves a schedule made just for you to gradually step you down from Percodan use. Keep a calendar to mark your progress and speak with your doctor/support group regularly. Everyone’s recovery time is different.
  • Personalize your treatment. Many Percodan rehab centers allow treatment to be customized for patients. This can mean choosing a therapist, your support group and whether or not you want family or loved ones closely involved. Rehab will push you but there are a lot of options to make recovery as easy as possible.
  • Stick with it. One of the biggest mistakes addicts make is not sticking with treatment. If you complete detox and stay with your recovery program to complete further therapy sessions, your chances of a relapse are significantly reduced. This is because part of the recovery process is learning to live drug free after the detox. Recovery is about learning how to deal with environmental triggers and temptations, so you can ultimately get clean and stay clean.

Find Percodan Abuse Recovery Help

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction, get help today. Don’t waste precious time. Call our toll-free number and get the help you need. It’s never too late to get help for an addiction, that’s why we keep our phone lines open 24 hours each and every day. Please, don’t hesitate to call now.