Secret Percodan Addiction

Secret percodan addictionTelling someone about a secret Percodan addiction can be a challenging action. The following are reasons why many Percodan users don’t want to reveal their addiction and the truth behind why you should never keep an addiction secret.

Physical Excuses for Keeping Percodan Addiction Secret

Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms are a sign of physical dependence. The body adjusts production of natural chemicals when it gets used to the presence of Percodan, and if use is stopped, the body must readjust and often does so violently. Withdrawal symptoms can make addiction worse, as a user may attempt to stop taking Percodan only to discover that they are uncomfortable and in pain without it.

If you break the secrecy surrounding your Percodan addiction and find treatment, withdrawal can become manageable and recovery more successful. In rehab, withdrawal symptoms are carefully monitored by medical professionals. Techniques like gradual detox are used to slowly step the addict off Percodan, little by little, until the patient is no longer receiving any at all. This process can diminish, and in some cases even eliminate, withdrawal symptoms.

Emotional Excuses for Keeping Percodan Addiction Secret

Many people harboring secret addictions are worried most about harsh judgment from others. Emotions like guilt and shame are barriers to recovery. Admitting you need help can also be a pride issue, as Percodan users may not want to admit they have lost control.

When a person is admitted into a rehab facility, there are treatment options designed to mend the emotional scars addiction inflicts and help heal relationships. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dual Diagnosis treat the emotional, psychological and mental aspects of addiction. Many rehab centers provide family counseling options to repair the damage a secret addiction can do.

Financial Excuses for Keeping Percodan Addiction Secret

If you are struggling with an addiction to Percodan, rehab may not seem feasible. If an out of control addiction has cost you a job, financial problems may be even more prevalent. What you may not know is many insurance companies will cover the cost of rehab. Some employers and private investors will help, too. Even if you don’t have insurance or employment, rehab centers will work with you to create a payment plan that you can afford. In the long run, treatment will always be cheaper than a continued addiction.

How to Seek Help for Percodan Addiction

Find someone you trust to talk to. This can be any person you are comfortable around and may be one of the following:

  • Family member
  • Close friend
  • Co-worker
  • Spiritual leader
  • Doctor
  • Therapist
  • Counselors
  • Addiction recovery professional

Telling someone you have an addiction is a personal matter, so don’t be afraid to say so. Tell the person you’ve decided to confide in that you have a personal issue and would appreciate their help. It’s alright to ask for their discretion on the issue, too.  If you’re worried about your addiction becoming public, you may want to choose a professional to speak with, as they are obligated to maintain confidentiality. Take your time explaining if you need to. Afterwards, ask them to keep you accountable and help you research treatment options.

Addiction is serious, and without help there is no getting better. The best time to tell someone about your addiction is now. There is no time to waste, especially when help is so close.

Need Help with Percodan Addiction?

Our helpline is always open for those who want to get clean. Do you want more information about Percodan, addiction or treatment options? If so, we can help. All calls are toll-free and confidential. We want you to get clean and stay clean so that you have no addiction to hide. Call now and get the help you need.