Seeking Percodan Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Seeking Percodan addiction treatment for a loved oneA complex composition of oxycodone and aspirin, prescription Percodan is primarily prescribed to manage moderate to severe pain in patients recovering from a surgery or traumatic injury. The drug has received widespread popularity due to its effectiveness, despite its potential for addiction.

Because of its rapid onset of action, Percodan is medicinally prescribed for a variety of ailments. Widespread availability also means that it has become a drug of choice the world of recreational drug use. If taken in chronic doses, Percodan produces feelings of euphoria, but often at the expense of tolerance, dependence, and eventually addiction.

Whether Percodan use is the result of a legitimate prescription or recreational use, the drug has a high potential for addiction. This happens when the substance is used in chronic doses or for long periods of time. The brain begins to counteract the effects of the drug. Soon higher and more frequent doses are required to produce the same effect.

When to Seek Treatment for Percodan Addiction

When watching a friend or loved one struggle under the weight of an addiction to Percodan, it can be difficult to know which course of action to take.

If your loved one has become addicted to Percodan after they were prescribed the drug, an addiction is further complicated by the fact that they actually require some sort of physical pain relief, and withdrawal symptoms can often mimic the legitimate reason for which the drug was originally prescribed. In this situation, it will be tempting to convince yourself that the addiction doesn’t exist. If you notice a tendency to run through prescriptions too quickly, this can be one of the many warning factors that your loved one is at risk for an addiction.

An addiction will only get worse. If you are watching someone you love struggle with an addiction to Percodan, the best thing you can do is help them explore treatment options and take the first step toward recovery. Several detox and rehab centers help patients recover from their addictions every year, but you must find the center that best suits your loved one’s needs.

Need Help Finding Recovery Solutions for Percodan Addiction?

It can be difficult to know where to begin. We are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to help you and your loved one find the rehab options you seek when it comes to living a life free from Percodan addiction. Recovery begins with initiative, and can start right now. Please call us today.