Signs and Symptoms of Percodan Addiction

Percodan is a prescription-strength opiate pain reliever that is highly addictive due to one of its ingredients, oxycodone. Even if taken for a short period of time, a user can become dependent on Percodan.

Many times individuals begin taking Percodan because of a doctor’s prescription and find themselves having to take higher and higher doses in order to achieve the original effects. Even the most cautious user can become caught in a spiral of Percodan dependency and addiction. Reputable doctors will not refill Percodan prescriptions readily because continual Percodan use can develop into a serious addiction in as little as three weeks.

Symptoms of Percodan Abuse

Are you concerned that you or a loved one might be addicted to Percodan? Take a look at the following signs and symptoms of Percodan abuse:

  • Sedation, excessive sleepiness, dizziness or slurred speech
  • Tolerance and increase in dosage. Often, persons addicted to Percodan will still complain of pain even though they have already taken recommended dose
  • Slowed, labored breathing
  • Bowel problems, particularly constipation—or worse—bloody stool or vomit
  • Evidence that Percodan is being used in anything other than its prescribed form. Sometimes users will crush their Percodan in order to feel the drug’s effects more rapidly. Doing so can be lethal. Percodan is a time-released medicine, and crushing the pills can cause immediate overdose and possible death. Sometimes, needle marks may be present
  • Sweating, shaking, sensitivity to bright lights or sounds, pale skin or clammy hands, particularly as the Percodan wears off
  • Missing Percodan pills, excuses for missing pills, accidents in which Percodan is “stolen,” “loaned out” or otherwise missing

Emotional and Mental Health Symptoms of Percodan Abuse

  • Changes in personality: the person may argue more frequently, become agitated easily and have relationship problems or lose friendships
  • Neglect of responsibilities that were once important: examples include neglecting school, work, family or children
  • Taking risks while using, such as driving while using, even though the person knows better. This is one of the biggest symptoms of an addiction: the person has a need to take Percodan no matter what the consequences may be. The addiction is more powerful than almost everything else
  • Irritability or angry behaviors as the Percodan wears off
  • Taking Percodan to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, sweating, shaking, anxiety, panicky feelings or restlessness
  • The person constantly talks about or thinks about Percodan and/or other medications
  • Depression, inability to concentrate and lethargic behavior
  • Mental changes such as confusion or blackouts in which the person may look awake but later cannot remember anything that occurred during the blackout

Many times, those who are addicted to Percodan are not fully aware of the problem until it is pointed out to them. Having an addiction pointed out can be a very emotionally challenging event; the addicted person may become defensive, angry, depressed or dismissive. If you need assistance working with a loved one, our recovery coaches can help you through the process.

Percodan Addiction Help

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