STDs and Percodan Addiction

STDs and Percodan AddictionPeople who are addicted to Percodan are at a high risk for catching numerous STDs and other viruses that can be potentially damaging. Abusing Percodan typically causes a person to lose inhibitions and become more prone to partake in risky sexual practices. The following are common reasons Percodan addicts are at a greater risk of catching STDs:

  • Poor decision making – Percodan can cause a person to become confused and make poor decisions when it comes to sexual behavior. Percodan addicts are more prone to not practice safe sex which poses a higher threat of catching STDs.
  • Multiple partners – Addiction to Percodan negatively affects parts of the brain that can cause a person to become more likely to take risks and seek thrills. Percodan addicts commonly engage in sexual activities with multiple partners who can increase the risk of catching and transmitting STDs.
  • Sexual partners already at risk of having STDs – Percodan addicts commonly engage in sexual activities with other addicts who are already at risk for having STDs. It is also common for Percodan addicts to have sex with prostitutes who are at a high risk of having STDs.

A common problem among Percodan addicts that spread the transmission of STDs is sharing dirty needles with one another. Percodan can be crushed and diluted with water allowing an addict to inject it into their bloodstream for a quicker and better high. Sharing dirty needles can cause the following problems among Percodan addicts:

  • Catching HIV/AIDS – One of the most common forms of transmitting the HIV/AIDS virus is through sharing unsterilized injection needles. Percodan addicts often do not properly clean needles and typically share them with other addicts. This allows traces of other people’s blood to be injected along with the Percodan potentially transmitting the HIV/AIDS virus. Percodan can cause painful withdrawal symptoms which can cause addicts to not wait for properly sterilized needles when they are in need of a fix.
  • Catching Hepatitis C – Hepatitis C is a highly contagious virus that can also be transmitted through the sharing of dirty needles. Hepatitis C can cause severe liver damage that often leads to liver cancer and failure.

With the high potential of engaging in risky sexual behaviors and the poor decision making when it comes to injecting Percodan, addicts are at a great risk for catching potentially damaging STDs. Percodan and STDs can pose numerous other dangerous side effects to mental and physical health. Seeking out professional treatment from a licensed rehab facility will provide the best results in overcoming Percodan addiction.

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