What Percodan Addiction Does to a Person

What percodan addiction does to a personPercodan is a prescription pain-reliever that combines aspirin and oxycodone. Aspirin is a salicylate that works by reducing substances in the body that cause pain. Oxycodone is a narcotic analgesic – a pain-reliever. The Western Journal of Medicine has reported that Percodan is “as addictive as morphine.” Therefore, people who abuse Percodan recreationally put themselves at increased risk for dependence and addiction. But since Percodan carries such a high addiction potential, even legitimate users can end up addicted. In either case, Percodan addiction affects not just the individual who is addicted, but also their family and friends.

How Percodan Addiction Affects Families

Putting all of the obvious physical effects aside, Percodan addiction has profound effects on a person’s interactions with friends and family. Often this is the result of the addict’s attempts to keep her struggle secret. In order to do so, she may draw away from family and friends, isolating herself and damaging once-close relationships in the process. Additionally, drug use can have very real effects on one’s personality and demeanor, making her almost unrecognizable to her spouse, children or closest friends.

This is often because of the dramatic shift in priorities that comes with growing addiction. The more severe the addiction gets, the stronger the drive to obtain and use Percodan will become. Soon the necessary, usually illegal, actions begin to take precedent over family and friends. In many cases, irreparable damage can be done as the addict’s loved ones may be, at first anyway, unaware of the cause for such a change in behavior.

Physical Damage from Percodan Abuse

The physical consequences of drug abuse will be familiar to many who have either experienced them or seen them in a loved one. As far as Percodan is concerned, one of the most startling effects that can be seen is psychosis that results from Percodan abuse. Percodan psychosis is an abnormal mental condition that is characterized by a person’s loosening grip on reality. Psychosis can cause a person to lash out aggressively in ways he ordinarily would not and against people he would ordinarily hold dear. Apart from that, the risk of overdose and lasting damage to the brain and other organs only increases with every day that addiction continues.

Get Help for Percodan Addiction

If you are struggling with Percodan addiction, then you are undoubtedly experiencing what addiction can do to a person. We want to help you find true relief. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline to speak with a trained addiction counselor. Find out how to find the treatment that is best for you. The effects of Percodan addiction will only get worse as time goes on. Stop the cycle, call today.