What to Do after a Failed Percodan Intervention

What to Do after a Failed Percodan InterventionPlanning an intervention is stressful to say the least. Friends and family will invest time, energy and emotion into the intervention, so a negative result can be devastating. But, this does not mean that you should give up trying. A failed intervention is not the end of the road; it should be viewed as the beginning of a long recovery process. If the addict refuses treatment, friends and family must remain involved and continue to encourage treatment.

If the intervention was done properly, friends and family requested the addict to get help and stated that they will no longer support her addictive behavior. If the addict heard this and still refused treatment, then you must now act differently. Friends and family must hold their ground and make it known that they only want the addict in if she agrees to treatment. It is not uncommon for people to have more than one intervention. Friends and family can always try again or try to approach the addict in a different way. Maybe a more personal, one-on-one approach would be more beneficial, or perhaps the addict may seek treatment after listening to a recovering addict or motivational speaker. No matter what approach is taken, friends and family must remember to continue accepting the addict after a failed intervention. Love, empathy and encouragement should be conveyed at all times.

Things to Avoid When Having a Percodan Intervention

No family member wants an intervention to fail because of something they did or didn’t do, which is why it is important to research interventions and plan ahead. With no prior intervention experience, friends and family will not know the correct way to intervene, which can be disastrous. An intervention specialist will be able to guide the family through the entire intervention process, from what should be said to who should participate. He can also make sure the intervention does not veer off-track and, he will be ready to take action when the addict decides if she wants to get into rehab.

Finding Hope after a Failed Drug Intervention

When a loved one refuses to get treatment for his addiction, friends and family will experience an emotional whiplash: anger, confusion, heartache and worry are all common. Friends and family may need help, support or guidance when helping a loved one. There are support groups available for families who are dealing with addiction, as well as counseling and therapy services that can be extremely beneficial. The addict’s friends and family must remain strong and hopeful in order to reach their loved one effectively.

Percodan Addiction Help

Do you feel helpless watching your loved one struggle with addiction? If so please call our toll-free helpline to speak with a rehab professional about finding recovery. Our rehab specialists can answer your questions about addiction treatment, connect you to intervention specialists or even give information about addiction support groups for families. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find the recovery services you are looking for. Don’t go through this alone, we are here to help.