When Does Percodan Use Become an Abuse Problem?

When does percodan use become an abuse problem?Percodan is commonly prescribed to patients suffering from chronic pain and is effective at managing such pain. However, continued use can lead to dependence, and it is important to speak to your doctor if you begin feeling like you need the drug in order to accomplish daily tasks. Dependence on Percodan can develop into Percodan addiction, and once you are addicted to Percodan it can be difficult to stop. If you become addicted to Percodan, you should seek addiction treatment immediately. It is important to learn to distinguish the difference between extended Percodan use to reduce pain and Percodan abuse and addiction.

Percodan Abuse Signs

There are many signs that can help you determine if you are using Percodan legitimately or are abusing the drug. Percodan abuse can occur in several different ways, but each one is just as likely to lead to Percodan addiction. Users often begin taking more Percodan than they are prescribed either to relieve pain or because they enjoy the feeling the drug provides. Taking larger or more frequent doses than prescribed is drug abuse and can lead to addiction. If you crush, snort, inject, or use the drug in any other way that is not directed by your doctor, you are abusing the drug. If you begin craving Percodan and feeling the need to obtain more at any cost, you may be dependence on or addicted to Percodan. People suffering from Percodan addiction may steal the drug or manipulate doctors or pharmacies. Users that have experienced any of these behaviors should seek help as soon as possible, as addiction only worsens over time.

Find Percodan Abuse Treatment

People suffering from Percodan abuse should seek help as soon as possible. Our toll-free helpline connects you directly to counselors that can talk to you about addiction treatment and Percodan abuse. We are available 24 hours a day, so call now and get the help you need.